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Auto Fish Trainer / Feeder

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It's a robot capable of the following:

- Giving commands (making water ripples in a particular corner of the tank, visual signals, etc)

- Tracking fish movement using x,y,z co-ordinates within an aquarium

- Feeding the fish based on positive re-enforcement of behavior. A carefully constructed training program will observe the fish and give it rewards for behaviors that are incrementally more similar to the desired behavior. There is also a fail-safe mode if your fish is particularly resistant to learning. In that case your fish gets fed on a regular schedule.

You plug the robot in, fill the food dispensor, go on a vacation and when you are back, your fish is able to do amazing tricks*. Coming soon: auto bird trainer / feeder (aerobatics and formation flying training). In development: Trainer for other animals with a nervous system**.

*results may vary **do not use on humans

ixnaum, Dec 07 2015


       // Trainer for other animals with a nervous system**. //   

       Is there a version (aversion ?) for cats ?
8th of 7, Dec 07 2015

       [8th], am I to assume you want to train cats to follow lemmings over a cliff?
Vernon, Dec 07 2015

       No, we want to train cats to follow other cats over cliffs. High ones. Very, very high. With big sharp pointy rocks at the bottom.   

       This is because winding back the trebuchet for each individual cat takes a while, and all the time there's that frenzied yowling from inside the oil drums. Even with the lids tight on, it's still irritating.   

       Lemmings are harmless rodents. We have no problem with them.
8th of 7, Dec 07 2015

       Oh sure, one minute you're training fish to do cute little tricks, the next you've got your fascist storm troopers rounding up dissidents and beating them with truncheons!   

       Just kidding. I wanted to take Goodwin's law to a new level. Cute idea by the way. [+]
doctorremulac3, Dec 10 2015


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