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Blind Cave Fish

Ever wanted something to live in your locker that isn't mold?
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I don't know how many of you are at high school, but I am, and I despise my locker. It's too small, it's too dark, and it has no aesthetic appeal. I have tried keeping things in there, but plants tend to die, and mammals don't have enough room. Goldfish need light. Right now, I'm growing a bonsai potato (see link),which doesn't need light, but it's getting a little grotesque.

I think that little aquariums that fit into the top of a locker should be available, filled with blind cave fish. Fish are a preferable animal, because they don't require much intensive care, and they can easily last a weekend without food. Because they're blind, they won't care how much light there isn't. feed them every morning, and you've got a sustainable locker pet.

schematics, May 21 2004

Bonsai Potato http://www.bonsaipotato.com/
These are cool. mine is maybe six months old, but it's still going. [schematics, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Try rainworms, or mushrooms on horse manure. Any smells from the locker can be blamed on your "culture".
kbecker, May 21 2004

       I want to see this grotesque potato...
k_sra, May 21 2004

       Umm... for the record, I don't grow mold in my locker. I don't even keep food in there. And what's this about my culture being smelly? are you dissing canadians?   

       I don't know. I don't think you'd be able to see the worms, wouldn't they be under ground? Look, a bucket of dirt! Or horse shit! How's that for aesthetic appeal?
schematics, May 21 2004

       //I want to see this grotesque potato...//   

       Careful [k_sra], it might be shaped like a 'thingy'...
ConsulFlaminicus, May 22 2004

       Grow mushrooms.
DrCurry, May 22 2004


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