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Auto Mirrors

Auto changing WIng Mirrors when hit with full beam
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My idea is to design a wing mirror that remembers its postion and can automatically return to it after tilting (again automatically) when someones full beam is shineing in it. This will avoid the me getting 'blinded' and i will not have to cover the reflected light with my hand. Does anyone else get affected by this and has anyone got any ideas?
OJS, Jan 11 2005

Self dimming side mirror http://www.google.c...ming+side+mirror%22
[half, Jan 11 2005]

A reference to automatically dimming side mirror http://www.robowash...0Dr%20L%20Sedan.htm
on a Hyundai [half, Jan 11 2005]


       Why are your wing mirrors reflecting the lights of the cars directly behind you? They should be pointed primarily along the outside lines of your vehicle at the lanes to your left and right respectively, so that you can see if a vehicle is occupying the blind spots over your shoulder, and in parallel parking so that you can estimate your distance from the curb. Sounds as if you have adjusted your mirrors either much too far out or much too far in. Unless you are riding a motorcycle, which is a whole different setup.
jurist, Jan 11 2005

       In inter-galactic warfare, sometimes it is advantageous to morph the wing design mid flight when hit by the opponents laser beams. This would help possibly deflect some of them back as well. [jurist], there is no mention of cars, this is a universal problem.
mensmaximus, Jan 11 2005

       Sorry, [mensmaximus], I thought the Millenium Falcon used computerized proximity sensors which are not susceptible to stray glare rather than visual screens to determine safe clearances above, below, left and right of the craft.
jurist, Jan 11 2005

       These exist already, sort of, in the form of mirrors that reduce reflectivity automatically.
half, Jan 11 2005


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