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Dimmer for sideviews

You know that knob on your rearview mirror?
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I'm pretty tired of trucks coming up along side me at night and blinding me with my own sideview mirrors. I want a knob I can turn to give me a dim view of these vehicles. I mean, I already have a dim view of them. You know what I mean.
centauri, Aug 31 2000

Variably opaque suspended particle device http://refr-spd.com/small%20window.gif
Working design. [reensure, Aug 31 2000]


       I've heard of people putting window tint film on their side mirrors to reduce glare, that's worth a try. Many German and a few higher-end Japanese cars have a blue coating on the mirrors to reduce glare, it would be nice if they actually dimmed as well, though.
segfaultxr7, Jul 17 2001

       There are also static-stick circles of window tint you can whap onto the inside of the windows, and peel off when you don't need them, for just this purpose.   

       I like the idea, though, anyway. Rather than having to move the mirror out of alignment...
StarChaser, Jul 19 2001

       This has been done... BMW has them
Toyman, Nov 21 2003

       Auto-dimming rear view mirrors are baked in many cars, the same technology could easily be adapted for the side mirrors too. I wonder why this hasn't been done too... Good idea.
KLRico, Nov 21 2003

       This has been done. Most high end cars have auto dimming rear view and side view mirrors. They are usually listed in the options as "auto-dimming" or "electrochromatic" mirrors. I have auto dimming side view mirrors on my Cadillac, my corvette and my lincoln.
LymanSS, Nov 21 2003

bspollard, Oct 22 2004


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