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Auto Screenstretch

A means for the automatic full expansion of the monitor picture.
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Who else hates tweaking the image parameters (size, position, pincushion, skew, etc.) every time the display switches into a new screen mode? Who despises the edge shifting seen through the warmup period on some screens? Here is the solution. Miniature optical sensors are mounted in eight locations (the corners of the theoretically visible screen viewfield (on the inside of the CRT's casing, as not to be triggerable by ambient light) and the midpoints of each side of same); the sensors are triggered only through the direct proximity of a lit pixel. Thus, the screen controls would dynamically adjust themselves to fill the viewing field. The proper algorithm is an exercise for the alert reader.
dsm, Nov 18 2001

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       ...unless you use black wallpaper...
phoenix, Nov 18 2001

       Engage the feature with a pushbutton then, which would also trigger a temporary white border.
dsm, Nov 18 2001

       Think LCD
bristolz, Nov 18 2001

       My monitor has controls to make the sides of the screen go convex and concave, and to adjust the position of the corners but that just leaves a more complex wavy pattern where it's stretched out at top, bottom and middle, and goes in a bit inbetween like there's three tacks up each side stretching the screen out.   

       Fascinating though that last paragraph is, if you displayed a regular grid on the screen, you should be able to use something like [dsm]'s device (or maybe a video camera) to adjust the screen to an unparalleled degree of accuracy, not just with the existing parameters, but by pushing and pulling each pixel an individual amount.
pottedstu, Nov 19 2001

       ya, i have an AOC 17" flat panel monitor that has auto adjust. first time i turned it on it started jumping around and displayed "auto adjusting". i thought it was the coolest thing i ever saw. then i got over it.
Norvak, Jul 30 2002


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