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Tab tones

for tabbing thru clickables
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Windows and macs both offer the ability to use the tab button to cycle through various input fields / clickable things. The problem is that it can be hard for you to see which of those things you have landed on. Especially if it is hard for you to see anything in general.

I propose an add on in which each input field / clickable thing makes a distinctive tone or other noise (quack? thump? sigh? rip?) when the tab is on it, or if your arrow turns into a hand and is on it. One could then use sound to figure out where you were.

I was thinking about this as a way to help visually impaired people use Garageband, which I think I would use a lot if I were visually impaired.

bungston, Jun 28 2012


       Interesting! "Hit tab until you head the cow moo, then enter your address."
phundug, Jun 28 2012

       /head the cow/   

       This makes me think of icons looking like the noises they make, with file type perhaps distinguished by color or artistic style. Because these square box icons are square.   

       Swinging the mouse across a cluttered desktop would produce a cacophany of sounds adequate to entertain toddlers for minutes on end!
bungston, Jun 28 2012

       Color changes could work, too, and the ability to do that already exists in HTML and JavaScript. (The new HTML5 stuff will allow this Idea to be implemented, by the way.)
Vernon, Jun 28 2012


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