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Bug Zapper Monitor

Electrically zap bugs on PC monitor by clicking on them
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I hope this isn't already on here :P Very simple really. The monitor would be able to produce a small electric charge anywhere on its surface. So, if you clicked under an annoying insect with you mouse cursor, it would zap it! The zapping function would likely go unnoticed when bugs weren't around. In case the first zap doesn't work, the monitor would deliver increasingly large voltage upon subsequent clicks on the same pixel within a certain time limit. If you heppened to work with one of those people who like to get touchy-feely with other people's monitors and insects weren't a problem, there could be a setting to deliver a very strong charge when say, one pixel was clicked 3 times rapidly.
Gallo Pinto, Aug 03 2007


       I haven't tested it on monitors, but around computers in general one is strongly discouraged from incurring ESD (electrostatic discharge).
normzone, Aug 03 2007

       Used to do a similar thing on my old TV. It used to create a static charge when turned off (don't know why). You could daze flys by turning off the TV as they strolled across it. It didn't stun them - just left them woozy.
energy guy, Aug 03 2007

       Yeah, can I get one that zaps other *people* touching my monitor? (Though other people licking it doesn't seem to a problem around here.)
DrCurry, Aug 03 2007


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