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Autoboner's Anthem

Too much a Bunnin'
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Now, too much a bunnin'
Can make baking feel a breeze
When the newbies start to cry
The Autoboner is so pleased
It's just my odd obsession
We cannot blame a troll
Oh, when there's too much a bunnin'
No one has control

Say hello to 2 fries shy
Say hello to UnaBubba
I've always got more fish to ply
From the depths of my oblivion

Too much a bunnin'
A fish for Panic Pin
You can bun all things about toast like most
But I bone anything
Now, it's all been done before,
Or so says Peter Silly
But when there's too much a bunnin'
What a travesty

Too much a bunnin'
Can cause a baker to aspire
A fish for Everyone with Tails
And another for clocks, required
Ev'rybody's bakin' somethin',
I heard it in a dream,
But when there's too much a bunnin'
It hurts me to my spleen

Say hello to 2 fries shy
Say hello to Unabubba
I've always got more fish to ply
Even for myself, selah.

Zimmy, May 21 2005


       I don geet.
blissmiss, May 21 2005

       ("Too much of Nothing" is the template)
Zimmy, May 21 2005

       I steal don geet...but I would not bun you for my ignorance, I just don get. It's late and I just got off work, but Zimmy, what the fuck ya talking about?
blissmiss, May 21 2005

       I thought there was a theory that there was a "unaboner" on the halfbakery who boned every idea.
This explained why some great ideas always ended up with one fishbone.
Zimmy, May 21 2005

       Er, that mythical beast is known as the auto-boner not the unaboner. It's likely that blissmiss's sentiment will be common.
bristolz, May 21 2005

       Go visit the evil hand dryer, Zimmy. Not a bone to be found, as no flaw has been uncoverd.   

       Urban legends...geez. (Did I spell/say that right? I was trying to imitate Dr.C.)
blissmiss, May 21 2005

       Crap!, Carp!, Crap! I have edited it to the "Autoboner".
I have just sort of pulled 2 double shifts in a row in order to moonlight out 7 projects in 2 days. My mind is not working at optimum levels.
I apologize for that. The bourbon after project(s)' completion feels terrific, though.
UnaBoner makes more sense for the context of the song, though.
Zimmy, May 21 2005

       Cooking an omelette can be a project. We're yours more arduous?
bristolz, May 21 2005

       I think I did 5 days work in 10 hours - if you don't count the installing, uninstalling, installing a different LOE. (got to drop off / pick up, feed, & be a parent to the kids too) Thank god for programmable automation & command alias re-defining. And dead bogs to the devil for "Live Object Enabler" as I would've finished faster if not for that.
Zimmy, May 21 2005

       Zimmy, as I stated, I just got off work, working till midnight carries a lot of weight. And doing doulbles, even more.   

       Sometimes when I have done double or triple shifts, I write what I think would be a great idea, and then send to "draft".   

       Looked at after 12 hours sleep, 99 1/2 % get deleted.   

       However, I don't know, I'm sort of starting to like the idea of a Unaboner. (Now she goes off to bed and remembers she should have sent this to draft.).
blissmiss, May 21 2005

       Uhm...I think I get it, [bliss].   

       Just some carrying on about how the autoboner can't stand something to have only croissants or too many croissants and not enough fishbones and feels it's his/her/its duty to bestow a fishbone just to be a spoilsport/partypooper.   

       I had a pretty fair number of ideas without fishbones, before the crash. I dunno, maybe I still do.
half, May 21 2005

       scuse me, I'm still trying to find the bedroom.
blissmiss, May 21 2005

       //I had a pretty fair number of ideas without fishbones//
Holy Halfbakers, Half. I shall endeavor to read each & every one of your Ideas.
(Ideas / fishbones) > 1. That's gotta be Hall of Fame caliber.
Zimmy, May 21 2005

       This raises an interesting point of parlimentary procedure.   

       Sometimes I find an idea that is clearly worthy of bun or bone, which does not require annotation, or it's all been said before.   

       I know, I know, hard to believe, coming from me, the "auto-annotator". I prefer the "auto-google advanced-image search-linker" myself, but we rarely get to choose our own nicks. Oh yes, did I mention I often anno without voting?   

       No doubt any or all of these make me evil.......should have sent this to "draft". Had a few of those tonight.
normzone, May 21 2005

       Norm, I find myself agreeing with you. It's not that you don't make sense, it's just that there's a sort of drunken garrulousness about your post.
david_scothern, May 21 2005

       I would give you a bun, but the asthetic of the single fishbone is perfect.
ato_de, May 21 2005

       'bones, 'bones, 'bones, 'bones
'bones, 'bones, 'bones, 'bones
Lovely 'bones (lovely 'bones)
Wonderful 'bones (wonderful 'bones)
'bones, 'bones, 'bones, 'BONNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!
DrBob, May 21 2005

       Too much of nothing, indeed.
waugsqueke, May 21 2005

       Zimmy, the n-z thing up there in the upper right corner? That's for titles, not authors. I think.
theircompetitor, Dec 10 2005

       How true.
DesertFox, Dec 10 2005

       Presumably from the annotations it was a hold-over from when it was titles Unaboner's Anthem
hidden truths, Dec 10 2005


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