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Bad to the Bun

B-B-B-B Baa-ad
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On the day I was born
the bakers all gather'd 'round
And gazed in wide wonder
at the joy they had found
The moderator spoke up
and she said leave this one alone
She could tell right away
that I was bad to the bun.

Bad to the bun.
Bad to the bun
B-B-B-B-Bad to the bun
Bad to the bun

I baked a thousand tarts
before I met you
I'll bake a thousand more baby
before I am through
I wanna get mine pretty baby
get mine & mine alone
I'm here to tell ya honey
that I'm bad to the bun

I make a rich baker blech
I'll make a good baker feel
I'll make an old baker laugh
and make a young baker reel
I've dream'd for hours pretty baby
hours & hours alone
And evidently honey
Zimmy's bad to the bun
Bad to the Bun!

Zimmy, Nov 04 2005


       I've changed some, per request.
Zimmy, Nov 04 2005


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