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Automated Teaching system

Because the teacher may not want to teach...
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Sitting in my last period "study hall" (free period) the other day, I was thinking about the classes I had that day.

The teachers after the first 4 or 5 periods seemed bored and tired of teaching the same thing over and over again.

This is where the Automatic Teaching System comes in.

This system is an automatic teaching system that replaces the teacher (human teacher is still needed though).

Instead of a whiteboard, it talks about and shows the topic by projecting it on the screen in the front of the room.

Each desk is fitted with a monitor in the top of the desk (the type where the surface is glass or plastic and you look through the desk down at the monitor), a keyboard, and mouse. There is a pneumatic tube affixed to the side of each desk as well. At the beginning of class and at certain parts in class, it can collect papers, like homework, which will be graded automatically via ScanTron and returned. (The 50 question math test you just took for instance could be graded and returned to you with in 5 minutes of finishing it. If it is collecting fill in the blank or esay type papers, they are sent to a seperate bin in the small back room where the teacher is (more on the teacher room later). Also, the tubes are used to hand out papers for the students.

Each student is also assigned to a certain desk and a is given a unique Number. This number is their Digital Name. On each paper, there will be a set of numbers, 1-Whatever, with bubbles next to them. The student fills in the bubble with their number for the name.

Papers are handed back in a similar way. The system checks the number and sends the paper to the desk to which he number is assigned. (i.e. Joe sits in the 3rd desk in the 4th row. His number is 12. When the computer gets a paper for handing back with the number twelve, it will send it to the 3rd desk in the 4th row.)

The (human) teacher, (yes, there still is a human teacher) sits in a back room off the classroom. There he/she grades the essay/fill in the blank papers. If a student needs help, they select "ask question" on the computer and type the question. The teacher will receive the question and reply to it and maybe a video on their screen explaining it. The teacher also fixes problems.

The curriculum comes on CD and is installed on the system prior to the year.

The unit also manages grades and classes. When you sit in your seat, it asks for your Class, Digital Name, and Password. If you are in the wrong seat, t will ask you to move to the correct one when your info is entered.

DISIPLINE is also dealt with. For instance, if a sound sensor at each desk detects too much sound, it displays a warning. Continued talking or other violation will result in a Detension slip being dispensed through the tube on the desk.

Sorry for the long post...If I forgot anything, put it in an Anno and i'll think of a possible solution.

P.S. Is this the right category?

wolstech, Sep 20 2006


       I don't want my teaching moated at all, Aut or otherwise.
ato_de, Sep 20 2006

       //Continued talking or other violation will result in a Detension slip being dispensed through the tube on the desk.//   

       Good idea: giving them something to help them relax should quieten them down.
imaginality, Sep 20 2006

       And how, pray tell, would your Autmoated (sic) system deal with short answer, tests, essays etc? Children with learning or behavioural difficulties, literacy issues, etc?   

       Not to mention that in school maths, its often the workings, rather than the answer that earn marks.   

       Hey, good idea, well written etc, I just don’t think it’s practicable.   

       Neutral vote.
Custardguts, Sep 20 2006

       Make it paperless and this is just distance learning, er, with 'disipline' (sic).
Shz, Sep 20 2006

       Teaching (and here I'm referring to teaching as the process where one person successfully imparts concepts and ideas onto another person) is a human-human interaction. You need to be able to express *why* something is exciting, *why* something is interesting, and how this latest great idea fits in with the mass of other great ideas that are constantly being learnt and discovered by students on a daily basis. Now you can do this via type, or video etc - but why not just have the teacher in the same room?   

       How does any of this (inventive) equipment solve the problem that you state at the beginning i.e. bored and tired teachers? It doesn't, it just puts the teacher in a different room (albeit, in a way that manages to cushion this apparent difficulty with the application of lots of flash technology). How does putting a teacher in a different room from the students help the process of transferring knowledge and ideas from one to the other? How does having a teacher in another room cause them to be less bored or tired?
zen_tom, Sep 20 2006

       Having spent the previous evening in the company of three teachers, I can clearly state that teachers are not bored of teaching. They are bored of babysitting. (In fact that is a quote from the middle school teacher of the bunch last night.)   

       They love teaching, that is why they chose if for a career. When Buffy and Tupac and Kinesha and Biff all decide that they are above this school thing and they would rather be outside comparing body parts teachers get bored.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 20 2006

       After the annos, maybe this isn't a smart idea afterall...As for the people who do agree, the teacher can be in the same room. (This is how it would be done now if existing schools were to install this.). But, I do understand now that they dislike having to babysit the students, not the teaching they do. In This case, it makes sense to remove this idea. Now I think that it should be more of an invention to ***assist*** the teacher, not replace him/her. This would be the same as the above minus the seperate room, and teaching videos, and few other parts.   

       Also, the grading system could be enhanced in a way (e.g. OCR [Optical Character Recognition] Software) to be able to mark the answers, then the teacher simply looks at the ones with the marks to see if and what is wrong. No mark? Teacher ignores the question (it is right).   

       Also, if you want to manually collect papers, remove the tube system
wolstech, Sep 20 2006


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