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Automated face substititor

For fuzzy faces
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Increasingly, I've noticed that news programs and documentaries are 'fuzzing out' the faces of innocent passers-by, and the licence plates of passing cars. Presumably, this is because of privacy laws, but it's distracting and annoying.

So, how about some cunning software which can be told to substitute a face, rather than fuzzing it. The face to be substituted would be selected by the editor, and the software would then track that face and substitute it with some neutral, totally synthetic face. It shouldn't be too hard to do this; I suspect that the existing "fuzzing" technology can already automatically track a face in a shot. The software would have to determine the size and orientation of the face, but this should be possible.

MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 15 2008

Here's one you could use http://neatorama.ca...-v-mask-origami.jpg
[normzone, Jun 17 2009]


       I propose John Malkovich.
phoenix, Jun 18 2009

       You could use faces taken from the Missing Persons Database - to give then more publicity (like the "Have you seen...?" picures on US milk cartons).
hippo, Jun 18 2009

       Bun to [phoenix], ha!
theleopard, Jun 18 2009


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