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cheeky station break

Why should you advertise failure?
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When TV stations go off the air due to some fault, they invariable put a graphic on screen dispalying their station logo. This is just silly, they are effectivly saying "We stuffed up!". What they should actually do is display their competetor's logo! That way another station will get all the angry phonecalls.
simonj, Dec 15 2003

Kinda like this http://news.bbc.co....agazine/3080504.stm
Scroll down to Steven Dyson's contribution [squeak, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

(?) For anyone who doesn't know who the Cheeky girls are. http://www.cheeky-girls.com/game.html
Why should [dobtabulous] and I suffer alone (eh?) [squeak, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Let's see what's on fox today. Hmmm...it seems they want me to watch comedy central. Well, alright, if TV told me to do it...
Overpanic, Dec 15 2003

       When my radio show goes off the air, no phone call is angrier than the one from my boss.
Fishrat, Dec 16 2003

       [Fishrat] You have a radio show?!? Get you!   

       (this post has implanted that stoopid "Cheeky girls" song in my brain...that one that goes on about touching bums and not being shy)
squeak, Dec 16 2003

       How do they do this anyway? I mean, suddenly the station can't broadcast a bean, but it can manage a card? Shirley all you should have is a black screen, maybe with some swearing in the background, and the occasional fizz and bang.
PeterSilly, Dec 16 2003

       Thanks squeak - I hadn't made the mental connection but after reading your annotation I too have fallen victim to the crap-tune-lodged-in-brain condition. I really don’t want to touch their bums and it’s not because I’m shy. Urgh! Back on topic, I normally watch on Sky (satellite) where the station names are displayed whenever you change channel so this wouldn't work for me. I like the cheeky nature of it though.
dobtabulous, Dec 16 2003

       Touch their cartoon bums [link] (not rude, safe to open).
squeak, Dec 16 2003

       Later: <sings whilst waving index fingers> We are the cheeky girls (we are the cheeky girls), You are the cheeky boys (you are the cheeky boys)......   



squeak, Dec 16 2003

       <Obligatory>[tskua] didn't know you were in Egypt...</o>
silverstormer, Dec 16 2003

       Hey, I got 120 points on my first try at smacking the cheeky girls!
k_sra, Dec 16 2003

       Lucky you, K. I got a £500 fine and a restraining order.
lostdog, Dec 16 2003

       Yes, but I'm a girl. *blink blink*
k_sra, Dec 16 2003

       I won £10 from a friend of mine by betting against the next 'Cheeky Girls' #1 being 'Hooray! Hooray! Its a cheeky holiday'.
Stop thinking about the tune dammit!
gnomethang, Dec 16 2003

       never heard of this Cheeky Girls song...
simonj, Dec 16 2003


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