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Automatic Headlights On

Turn them BACK on
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In order for me to get to work, I have to drive through a security checkpoint. Upon approaching the checkpoint, it is customary to turn off your headlights so as not to blind the security officer. When you pull away from the checkpoint, you turn your headlights back on.

At night, no problem; during the day, not very important. Here's where my idea comes in: around sun up, or dusk.

I see many drivers coming from the checkpoint with their headlights off, and their parking lights on, when they probably should have their headlights on.

This is the idea: a switch, separate from the regular headlight switch, that turns off the headlights, until the vehicle reaches some threshold speed, say 20 mph.

When the driver slows below the threshold and approaches the checkpoint, they press the button, then forget about it. As they speed up and away, the lights come back on.

swamilad, Feb 05 2004




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