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Automatic Knife Sharpener Block

Automated appliance sharpens knives in the block
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What if you had an intelligent knife block that could sharpen knives in the block? Much like a computer tape array can be programmed to erase tapes and write to tapes at specific times, the knife block could be programmed to check the blade edge once a week (or daily if you use them a whole lot) and sharpen as appropriate. No need to pull out a steel or even an electric sharpener: This device sharpens perfectly and leaves you to doing other cooking tasks.
aponbass, Sep 30 2003

"Never put up with a dull knife again!" http://www.athomewi...com/sharpblock.html
"Inserting or removing a knife from the block automatically sharpens it…every time!" [half, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       mfd withdrawn (reluctantly)
yamahito, Sep 30 2003

       The knife sharpening knifeblock is deffo widely baked but I've never seen one that can check to see if the blade is dull and sharpen it as appropriate.
calum, Sep 30 2003

       And axes and spears and, and, and...my nails?
Eugene, Sep 30 2003

       And my wit. ("Owch! I got my wits caught in the sharpening block!" ...see?)
Detly, Sep 30 2003


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