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Eat With Your Hands

With these handy new gloves
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Eating with your hands is the most efficient way, here's how this idea works.

A soft disposable vinyl glove fits into this hard plastic jointed utility glove designed for your table needs.

The glove exoskeleton has scored fingertips for picking up slippery food, a spoon off the side of the palm and a slightly serrated edge off of the index finger for cutting.

You won't cut your hands on stone crab claws and with the added vice grip attachment you can even crack them.

When you are done, the disposable vinyl glove gets thrown out and the plastic exoskeleton goes into the dishwasher. Clean hands, sanitary conditions and less mess.

sartep, May 17 2003


       <your mother> If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times... </your mother>
Cedar Park, May 17 2003

       Or just wash your hands before and after...
oatcake, May 17 2003

       I'm fishboning this because you lose so much of the dining experience if you put a piece of vinyl between your hands and your food.
ato_de, May 17 2003

       Nope. Use your teeth to crack those crabs and your fingernails to scrape out the meat if necessary....more satisfying that way.
OpheliaFrump, May 18 2003

       Try eating with your feet.
JesseOQ, Aug 10 2003


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