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Automatic Litter Box

burns waste, filters the air, and reformulates litter
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There are number of aotomatic litter boxes on the market. I've got a littermaid, but the little plastic trays are a hassle to clean out, or horrors replace as they want you too. Another version which flushes the waste requires a plumber to install and expensive chemicals for treatment of the litter granules.

I propose a automatic litter box which periodically removes the dirty tray of litter, places a new tray inplace and then burns the dirty litter and crushes and filters the remaining litter such that a new tray of cleaned litter is available for the next cycle. This way the residual waste product would not smell, and as it would be ash, it would be very small in volume thus emptying could be done monthly. An air filter and an external vent would be used to keep odors to a minimum.

amuron, Feb 08 2003

An automatic cat. http://www.shvaika....t2/toilet2engl.html
I don't know what a WC pan is, but if you have one, and a cat, this may work. [Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004]

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       Incinerate the cat ?   

       <Insert-8th-of-7's standard-anti-cat-rant here>
8th of 7, Feb 08 2003

       there is nothing more perfect in nature / physics than the cat or the clock or another c which for this moment alludes me.
po, Feb 08 2003

thumbwax, Feb 08 2003

       velocity of light.
neelandan, Feb 08 2003

egbert, Feb 09 2003

       can I cook salmon in it? do I need a cedar plank? cheesypoof, elkin, nc
cheesypoof, Aug 08 2004


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