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Cat Grooming Sheet

Disposable sheet to brush away cat's loose hair.
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The thing I hate worst about brushing the cats is getting rid of the hair. One brush will grab lots of hair, but takes almost as long to clean it out as it does to fill it up. Another cleans easily but doesnt' get hardly any hair. And the so called "grooming gloves" doesn't seem to get any hair at all.

I want a package of paper towels that I can stroke the cats two or three times that will grab lots and lots of hair, then just dispose of it in the trash. Maybe something like the prickly side of velcro, only made of paper or really cheap plastic.

zyada, Aug 03 2003

lint brush http://www.catclini...giene_Items_37.html
scroll down a bit, past the other ummm interesting products. [rbl, Oct 04 2004]

get one of these.. http://www.sit.wisc...es/hairless-cat.jpg
[po, Oct 04 2004]

Or this one.. http://www.petebevi...rchives/000458.html
[gnomethang, Oct 04 2004]


       disposable lint brush?   

       or have you tried grooming with the vacuum (just keeping you on your toes po) attachments? our dog loved that and the fur gets sucked up.
rbl, Aug 03 2003

       unless its a really long-haired breed, they really should be doing this themselves. try shaving them.
po, Aug 03 2003

       rbl, watch your spelling there's a dear. likewise you scot. I appreciate that vacuum is not the easiest...   

       priceless pics, gnome. and you know what hairy creatures do for me..
po, Aug 03 2003

       (+) I keep expecting 8th, with a bikini wax comment.   

       8th and bikini wax hair removal are just not compatible
po, Aug 03 2003

       //or have you tried grooming with the vacuum// Baked by [izzard]?
FloridaManatee, Aug 03 2003

       My cat's never minded a vacuum-cleaning. In fact, he seems to prefer it to any attempts at brushing.
Pseudonym #3, Aug 03 2003

       My cats consider the vacuum eeeeeeeevil. They will run away if I start it. (Actually, one will run away if I just roll it into a room - the other one will eye it warily) And I've tried the lint rollers in one of the links above - it comes under the heading of easy to get rid of but doesn't get much hair.
zyada, Aug 03 2003


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