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Cat Mace spray

Keeps neigbor's cat away from my backyard area.
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One of the neighbor's cat, prefers a certain area in my backyard to do its dirty business. Anyway, I'de like a pet detecting device that will spray the cat with mace spray, hopefully something unharmful yet effective for it to run away. At first I was thinking of a giant mousetrap for cats, but that means you have to clean up a dead cat, plus I like cats they are nice quiet pets as long as they are in my neighbors area.
romanmar, Nov 30 2004

Cat territories http://www.vin.com/...PR05000/PR00025.htm
Hit and miss, meow, hiss and piss [normzone, Nov 30 2004]

Have you tried Google? http://www.google.c...terrent&btnG=Search
Cat Deterrents [Letsbuildafort, Nov 30 2004]

Cats don't like this, http://www.primrose...php?p=sp0011&r=GOOG
Cats don't like this at all! [harderthanjesus, Dec 02 2004]


       How is this "Cat hygene?"
Letsbuildafort, Nov 30 2004

       Well, it removes cat waste from your yard, right?
Worldgineer, Nov 30 2004

       [Unabubba] - What if they'll become friends?
romanmar, Nov 30 2004

       OR you can get a dog.
Machiavelli, Nov 30 2004

       Screw the pepper spray,its too much effort.Buy a bbgun, and have your self a good ol' time!
doochrag, Nov 30 2004

       Hey [tabs], that link also outlines one of the "advantages" of drinking water!!!
MikeOliver, Dec 01 2004

       Replace mace with small flamethrower. Kitty learns once, kitty learns good.
DocBrown, Dec 01 2004

       How about a pop-up sprinkler head attached to a motion sensor? Kitty comes in, kitty gets sprayed, kitty goes away.
Freefall, Dec 01 2004

       I vote for [Freefall]'s idea.....non-lethal cat deterrent technology is fun stuff.....In warm weather I'll throw water on the occasional agressor.
normzone, Dec 01 2004

       Remember the laser kitty toy? Have a laser pointer, make it really strong and visible during the day, and drive the cat crazy.
DesertFox, Dec 02 2004

       But you can get cat repellant stuff that you put down on your lawn or one of the linked electronical devices. This idea is redundant - widely known to exist.
harderthanjesus, Dec 02 2004

       Being a vet's assistant, this title scared me. Thanks for not giving the mace to the cats.
stilgar, Dec 03 2004


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