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Automatic PowerPoint Controller

Control your slideshows with your voice, unobtrusively.
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The PowerPoint slideshow is the standard method of presenting in today's businesses and schools. The thing about slideshows is that either you buy a remote, which is obvious and distracting to your audience, you time yourself, which means you must read your speech in perfect time, you click through the show yourself, which doesn't look professional, or you can get someone else to click for you.

Enter the Atomatic PowerPoint Controller. It piggybacks on top of other speech recognition systems. You put in your speech and where in your speech the slides should change, and when you are presenting, it listens. Every time it hears the phrase you program in for each slide, it advances to the next slide.

When you are taking questions, it listens for certain key phrases. For instance, if it hears "as you can see in the first slide," it will go to the first slide.
-----, Apr 06 2005


       Or it could be programmed to change when you saaaayyy....NI!!
moPuddin, Apr 06 2005

       i thought voice recognition software had already been invented.
benfrost, Apr 06 2005

       [benfrost] Yes, it has been invented, in fact, I use it to dictate some of my ideas. This is an add-on. Read carefully.
-----, Apr 06 2005

       Absolutely. NI is much more civilized and practical than the alternative. ' Ecky-ecky-ecky-ecky- pikang-zoom-boing- z'nourrwringmm' would simply be difficult for the recognition software to pick up on.
RayfordSteele, Apr 06 2005

       You should check out Pittsburgh PEBBLES for PocketPC and Palm. You can add a SIP server and voice recognition (on the powerpoint host machine) then you can use the PDA as a microphone and screen-based controller for presentations.   

       Of course, this will require some coding and integration work.
bristolz, Apr 06 2005

       Assuming that the voice recognition software works perfectly, you still have the problem that you have to avoid certain trigger words when ad-libbing or answering questions. I have a powerpoint remote that fits in the palm of your hand which is to all intents and purposes invisible, and I'm sticking with it. If you have a very set speech and the voice recognition gets it right *every time*, then it's quite a good idea.
wagster, Apr 06 2005

       <loud cough>brilliant</lound cough> I'll buy one.
neilp, Apr 06 2005

       p.s. [bris] you rock.
neilp, Apr 06 2005

       I dont think its so good because when I do a presentation I offen read the words and then go over them in more detail. I like the question idea though!!! That could defeatly be usful
gelie, Apr 06 2005

       Maybe it could stop listening to you if you go off your planned speech, and then start when it hears you going back to the original speech.
-----, Apr 06 2005

       If you could invent a device that would make your audience concentrate that hard on what you were saying you'd be a millionaire.
wagster, Apr 06 2005

       [bristolz] Sorry about the deleted anno. It was an accidental click.
-----, Apr 07 2005


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