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Conversation Ballance Display

Software that recognizes voices and displays what percentage of conversation they are taking up
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I will talk all night if you let me. And other people usually can sense it coming and interrupt me or take up all the conversational space, consistently enough so that when I do finally find an unsuspecting victim, just about all 500+ halfbakery ideas come out at once, usually to the mailman or anyone smart enough to be able to hold their attention but young enough not to know when to stop listening.

Why is it like this with me? Why do I gravitate toward conversational space that won't have me? Because it's what I grew up with and it makes me feel right at home in some kind of sick and twisted psychological nightmare kind if way.

But it did afford me this one idea as I sat around a table tonight with 5 people for 2 hours and did not utter a single word: A conversational display with percentages for each recognized voice. I don't mean that everyone has to talk the exact same amount of time but it would be nice sometimes to see who is taking up all the conversational space and be reminded that so and so is not saying anything, etc.

JesusHChrist, Jun 15 2014


       Hello, you are dominating this idea's conversation already ;P
normzone, Jun 15 2014

       haha! I was just asked by someone- "Do you know that when you say 1 thing, you say 6 things?" Well, yes I do! Everyone who knows me say I talk too much and they have to wait for me to take a breath so they can jump in. Sometimes I feel bad and this would monitor my obsessive talking! So with bun in mouth....to you +
xandram, Jun 16 2014

       This idea is a manifestation of the art of conversation being one person speaking and the other waiting for her turn to speak. That is not conversation, that is two parallel monologues sharing a bus.
calum, Jun 16 2014

       A wise old owl lived in an oak.
pertinax, Jun 19 2014


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