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Automatic sound level

Audio output automatically increases as external ambient sound increases
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Audio monitoring of ambient noise level and automatically increase audio output to compensate. For some of us hearing impaired, to listen to radio, etc., while driving we must increase db such that when stopped at a signal it becomes deafening (is this a conundrum?). If the radio would automatically adjust downward, then back up when driving noise is increased again. Certainly there could be some threshold level to prevent breaking windows, drivers glasses, etc.
doctorbill, Sep 29 2006


       My friend has a Ford SUV that does this.
LED Prism, Sep 29 2006

       Cars that increase the radio volume as vehicle increases speed or converts (if its a convertable) are very baked.
BJS, Sep 29 2006

       Guess I need to get a newer car than my Datsun B210
doctorbill, Sep 30 2006

       My mother's Maxima did that in 1985.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 30 2006


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