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Situational Car Soundtrack

OK, time to rock and roll, boys and girls.
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You know how it happens, you're driving quietly and minding your own business when you suddenly find yourself in a full-blown car chase with cops 'n' sirens 'n' all.

The trouble is, your car radio's still on the Home Gardening Show with that lisping fool who can't say "secateurs" without sounding like a male lingerie salesman.

UBCo Electronics have devised an, err... device, that identifies a little of what's going on around you and begins to play the right music for the circumstances.

Funeral procession? Pachelbel's Canon, Mozart's Lacrimosa or something Albinoni.
Short rush to the shops? Grieg's "In The Hall of the Mountain King"
Car chase? "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" in furious banjo,

Sure, you can choose your own and add that but your pedal pressure, speed and cornering forces will tell the device most of what it needs to know to choose for you.

UnaBubba, Jun 04 2012

Foggy Mountain Breakdown http://www.youtube....watch?v=QIKdswTJ2vY
[UnaBubba, Jun 04 2012]

100 car- toons http://www.digitald...best_songs-car.html
compiled by The Golden Gup, "Cadillac of Mobile Disc-Jockeys" [skinflaps, Jun 04 2012]


       Speaking from experience, I can say that having my stereo blasting dramatically appropriate music while I'm sliding sideways during an ice storm will not improve the situation.
Alterother, Jun 04 2012

       I'm sure you're right but the mental image works well.
UnaBubba, Jun 04 2012

       If it plays "road to nowhere" for cars on the North Circular, heading east, just east of Golders Green, at any time of day....
not_morrison_rm, Jun 05 2012

       The same applies to roads leading to Swindon and Yarnton/Oxford, I believe?
UnaBubba, Jun 05 2012


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