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B3 Gum

gum enriched with nicotinamide and niacin
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Nicotine gum has been in use for years as a tobacco cessation aid. Treatment plans use nicotine gum to wean the user off of the more harmful cigarettes or chewing tobacco. The gum replaces the nicotine and oral stimulus provided by tobacco.

Unfortunately, many users develop chronic addiction to the gum, and thus have only traded one addiction for another. Also prolonged use of nicotine gum may increase the risk of gum disease.

Niacin (nicotinic acid, aka vitamin B3) and nicotinamide (vitamin PP) have similar chemical structure to nicotine. In addition, niacin is known to have side effects similar to nicotine including vasodilation. Nicotinamide does not have the same effects as niacin but is useful in that in can be included in a higher dosage.

B3 gum could be used as a vitamin supplement, and to reduce dependency on nicotine gum. It can potentially provide more oral stimulus than nicotine gum does when used as directed.

Spacecoyote, Sep 07 2008

In Vivo and In Vitro Models for Assessing Drug Absorption http://www.springer...t/m57216g0l6714476/
I can't find a copy of the text they cite (ref #35), so this will have to do. [Spacecoyote, Sep 07 2008]

in a can... http://www.dailymai...rying-beat-ban.html
contains a "potent mix of roots" designed to simulate cigs [Spacecoyote, Nov 18 2008]


       Chewing stimulates a reflex preparing the lower digestive system for use. I tend to think it's not good in the long run to keep stimulating that reflex without providing it with something substantial. On the other hand, compounds absorbed through the buccal mucosa avoid the first pass effect. Then again, i don't know if nicotinamide can be absorbed that way. Would it not end up feeding oral pathogens? Would it be swallowed with the saliva and absorbed anyway?   

       OK, interesting but i don't know what i think.
nineteenthly, Sep 07 2008

       Vitamin B3 is niacin small doses.
4whom, Sep 07 2008

       I'm not an expert but I wouldn't think it would feed oral pathogens as microbes generally tend to prefer more energy rich stuff e.g. sugars.   

       Apparently both vitamins have been tested on human buccal mucosa in vivo, and absorption does occur, especially if sodium ions are present. [link]   

       [4whom], what's your point? (edit: derp)
Spacecoyote, Sep 07 2008

       ah, the old jokes are the funniest - sometimes that is.   

       I suppose this is a bad idea as the dosage cannot be controlled.
po, Sep 07 2008

       I wasn't thinking of bacteria, i was thinking of Candida. Thanks for the link, which i will look at in a min.
nineteenthly, Sep 07 2008

       Right, done that. Three thoughts about that, of which the first is "bloody serials crisis" and how are you supposed to honour the Hippocratic Oath under these circumstances? Leaving that aside, though, thanks.
If it can absorb peptides, conceivably it can do that with nicotinamide because the molecule is relatively small. It might also have topical actions on the mucosa. It could possibly help with mouth ulcers and gingivitis.
I'm still concerned about Candida. C.milleri might want it around for a start, since it's in flour and it does well in it, so i would expect C.albicans to as well.

       [Po], i think the dose could be at a level so that an OD is unlikely, and since it's water-soluble it's not as worrying as a fat-soluble doobrey.   

       One thing i find odd about this idea is that it's on the verge of making gum a food.   

       On reflection, this would be fine if the gum were flavoured with garlic, thyme or another antifungal.
nineteenthly, Sep 07 2008

       I thought this was going to be gum that sounded like jazzy Hammond organ music when you chewed it.
krelnik, Sep 07 2008

       //I thought this was going to be...// Me too: as much as I like the *smell* of Hammond Generator Oil...
FlyingToaster, Sep 07 2008


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