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BC Patch Underwear

Disposable underwear that contains a birth control patch.
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I imagine this would work the same as the Nicotine-patch or the Seasick patch. You would receive your daily BC dose as long as you changed your undies daily. They could be recycled with the newspapers and you would have less laundry to do. I actually thought of this about 15 years ago for a commercial design class project on various decades. It seems much more feasible now than it did then.
kiggs, Aug 01 2000


       Assuming you could do this, why not just use the patch?
bookworm, Aug 01 2000

       The big drawback that I see is that if you spent all day in bed and never even put on underwear at all, you might get pregnant. You'd have to get dressed and go down to the store to get some milk, just to be sure you wouldn't get knocked up.
mcfrank, Aug 04 2000

       How about designer patches which combine all the chemicals you need in one easy-to-apply patch?

"'Scuse me, I'd like a birth control and nicotine patch with hydrocortisone, a half-order of caffeinne, a half-order of Prozac™ and a regular insulin".
hippo, Aug 07 2000

       The underwear would have to be crotchless.
mrthingy, Aug 23 2000

       As bookworm notes, what's the point of putting this in underwear, rather than in a regular patch? Also, patches tend to be used for medication that needs to be released slowly over the course of a day. As I understand it, that's not the optimal way for birth control to be dosed.
clynne, Nov 03 2000

       In fact, it would _have_ to be a patch or something that functions more like a patch than underwear. This is because the skin is good at keeping out most chemicals, but will open up and let most anything in if it is occluded. That is, the patch has to seal against the skin and prevent any breathability over the covered area, or none of the drug will be transferred.
beauxeault, Nov 03 2000

       What happpens when the underwear gets wet or soiled? Are they dissolvable as well?
momoko, Nov 29 2000


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