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BEEP - The Game.

Help Quince Quarity create quality!
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In this shoot-em-up style video game, you are Quince Quarity, a disgruntled quality-of-life officer for the NYPD. Your job is to destroy or disable anything that makes noise.

You begin in the center of the screen, with trucks all around the perimeter, facing away from you. Several parked cars are also placed in various locations on the screen.

At the word "Go", all the trucks start slowly backing up, each one making loud, excruciating beeping noises as it moves! You have to shoot them with your pistol to stop the beeping. But at the same time, you must also avoid getting run over by any of them.

Now, if any truck passes a parked car, that car's lights will immediately begin flashing and its alarm will start blaring. Each car has a slightly different alarm sound, and more than one of them together will sound absolutely cacophonous! You must destroy these abominations before you go insane!

As the levels get higher, the number of trucks gets greater and additional noisemakers start appearing. Cars with blasting stereos drive across the screen, and you must try to explode them away. Boom-boxes and other miscellaneous noise sources start appearing on the screen in hidden locations: You have to find out where the noise is coming from and dispose of it.

There is no "Game Over"; you simply play until you can't stand it anymore! When you choose "Exit", the noises will continue for three more minutes for everyone else's enjoyment, and then the game will be silent.

BEEP! is Freeware. Download it today!

phundug, Oct 14 2003


       +, but you blow them up with what?
ghillie, Oct 14 2003

       I trust the pistol has a silencer.
FarmerJohn, Oct 14 2003

       "If you shoot a mime, should you use a silencer?" -Steven Wright
jivetalkinrobot, Oct 14 2003

       If a street mime falls in the woods, will anyone hear it?   

       Too much like my own paranoid life, [phundug]. But if you put up a picture of yourself at the Halfbaker's Ball I'll give you a croissant.
k_sra, Oct 21 2003

       Kurt Vonnegut equipped his character in "Timequake" with a bazooka, for exactly such a reason.
Overpanic, Nov 04 2003

       My 486DX does not have one of them new-fangled sound-card things ... can I still play?
riskyrisk, Nov 04 2003

       Sure you can play, but you'll have won as soon as it starts.
zigness, Feb 12 2004

       This would be fine except for one thing. The problem is that you don't control the user volume. It would be impossible to make this game effective unless the user turns the volume really high. For the most part, people can't play extremely loud games because other people in their house or apartment building will complain.
Ebassick15, May 26 2004

       what would happen if you shot at the voices in your own insane head, as the officer in the game is obviously gone off the deep end?   

       Of course, you could always cheat by muting the computer/television while playing the game.
Kryptid, Dec 04 2007


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