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Army Chess

Unleash the pawn horde.
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This game would be solo vs. computer or multiplayer.

This isometric 3rd person view game has battle theatre maps set up in a grid with alternating colored squares like a chess board.

There would be impassible areas with no grid, such as canyons, rivers, mountains, etc., and kings, flags, or fortresses to defend or attack.

Your allowed resources let you purchase and set up your army, and give different pieces or groups of pieces directions to advamce, attack, or defend.

When the go button is pressed, the armies battle until there are no pieces left or the king/objective is taken.

A group of queens would be expensive, but effective, but a massive army of pawns may be equally as powerful, depending on map.

Giblet, Mar 22 2008


       How do the various pieces move on a hex board?
phoenix, Mar 23 2008


       My side thought of hex maps got typed in there, but was meant as a comparison.   

       It was unclear so I removed it.
Giblet, Mar 23 2008

       It sounds like a combination of Chess and Risk. Not bad but it doesn’t really grab me yet. It needs a little more pizzazz.
bneal27, Mar 23 2008

       Think more like Chess and Command and Conquer.
Giblet, Mar 23 2008


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