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BabyBottle Age Timer

Dial or Sticker on Baby's Formula Bottle that indicates when its gone bad (stale)
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Baby's Formula. You mix it with water and it's good for a few hours. After that it's "not recommended to drink" if you've kept it at room temperature. So the on-the-go mom or Mr Mom (dad) needs to have a sticker or dial device on the baby bottle that you can reset and it will indicate (turn from green to red?) in a few hours when the mix is "stale" and to be discarded. Mmmmmm smart! I know they have these stickers for seafood that change to red when the seafood is too "old" or has not been kept at the proper temperature during transport. Another implementation idea would be a round dial that slides into the bottom of the bottle that you turn it (like an egg timer) and it ticks away, rotating until its "done/expired!".
ChippyLasticko, Sep 13 2005

TempTime Freshness Indicators http://www.lifeline...com/foodhealth.html
Starting with something like this, then, but customizing it for use with your baby formula. Obviously, these are for food industry use. See the FAQ page for details on how they work and are typically used. [jurist, Sep 14 2005]

Freshness Indicators Information http://users.unimi....tam/info/info1e.htm
Probably more than anyone wants to know about the science behind TTI (Time-Temperature Integrators) freshness indicators. [jurist, Sep 14 2005]

Toxin Guard http://www.toxinalert.com/toxinguard.php
When food-packaging material prepared with Toxin Guard™ tests comes into the presence of targeted spoilage bacteria, or pathogens such as E-coli, chemicals such as pesticides, or genetic modification markers, an unmistakable visual signal alerts the consumer, retailer or inspector. If one were to utlize baby bottles with disposable latex liners, then perhaps that liner could be made from Toxin Guard plastic. [jurist, Sep 14 2005]


       Not the mama
zeno, Sep 14 2005

       I like the idea in general. Even though we've discussed special packaging with freshness indicators in several other ideas, this use for baby bottles seems to be specific enough to avoid redundancy.   

       I like the idea of making the baby's bottle liner from a product like Toxin Guard plastic, and making it disposable, slightly better than putting a sticker on the outside of the bottle or using a timed device. I would trust the physical contact of the Toxin Guard to the formula to be more reliable than either other method.
jurist, Sep 14 2005

       Bril. Have a well-preserved bun.
RayfordSteele, Sep 14 2005

       Not recommended to drink!!!? I used to make up something around the order of 10 bottles to refridgerate each night when my twins were infants. (some were to carry over into the daytime)   

       Slightly before we thought the time they would awake in need of eating we would use a bottle heater to warm up 2 bottles.   

       I hope I was not giving them "not recommended to drink" food all that time.
Zimmy, Sep 14 2005

       Ach. It's a "better safe than sorry" thing. As long as it hasn't gone lumpy, it's good enough for em. Puts hair on the chest and all that.
phoenix, Sep 14 2005

       Refigerating is fine for a couple days, but room temperature is what sets it off. I always just took a sip first, and if I didn't gag, it was OK.
oxen crossing, Sep 14 2005

       At that time in my life, formula was one of the bigger expenses. I would note who had the cheapest by best brand name(nutrients labeled) & drive it after work to buy in quantity. Thank God that's over with as well as the diapers.   

       If only they will take the next minor leap and READ. I've been trying soo hard. I've an extensive library.   

       I hope some day (or at some age) it gets more cost efficient to be a parent. I'm trying too hard, probably.
Zimmy, Sep 14 2005

       Breast feeding is, of course, much cheaper; always fresh; at the right temperature and so on. Although it does restrict it to a one parent only activity.
One big advantage of Mother's milk is that the baby poo doesn't stink so much.

       Does it make your tits sag, or is that a mistaken belief?
Ling, Sep 14 2005

       Yes, I like the idea of Toxin Guard. Would Toxin Guard work to delay its indicator when the formula is refridgerated?? FYI - Another disatvantage to breast feeding is IT HURTS! Many times the baby bits and chews on the nipple.. eventually leading to a bleeding nipple and a very unhappy mommy. And then the baby starts teething and whoa watch out - hide the boobies, they're ready to bite something!
ChippyLasticko, Sep 14 2005

       [Ling] Breastfeeding does not make your breasts sag; pregnancy and childbirth do. Breasts enlarge at the beginning of pregnancy and after delivery in preparation for breastfeeding. If breastfeeding, they stay enlarged (size verying by time of time of day/amount of time since last feeding) until weaning. If not breastfeeding, they still fill with milk and get engorged since it doesn't get removed. This makes them even larger and very painful until the body gets the message that the milk isn't being used so it better stop production.   

       Thus you end up with sagging whether or not you used your breasts for their intended purpose.
migennes, Nov 14 2005

       Thanks for the explanation.
Ling, Nov 14 2005

       Can you tell I'm one of those crazy lactivists?
migennes, Nov 15 2005

       Because of the antibody transfer: does that make you a prophylactivist, as well?
Ling, Nov 15 2005

Minimal, Nov 15 2005

       What if you forget to set the timer on the bottle? Who hasn't been in a rush when making those things especially at 2am or in the middle of trying to get their own chow? I propose a slight change, a time-release colour-change to the formula. When the chemistry changes to unusable the formula turns blue or green or something else unpaletable. Even a kid has got to appreciate the change in colour.
gnarlyis3, Nov 14 2008


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