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Track your children and keep them safe from sickos
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Here in England, we have had too many abductions of young children. Why don't we implant a device to track our children at an early age? It could be removed at sixteen, and it would not matter how much it cost - I would pay to protect my children.

Wouldn't you?

Skybird, Jan 09 2001

Digital Angel not pursuing implants http://www.worldnet...sp?ARTICLE_ID=23268
Critics fear "fulfillment of biblical prophecy." [jutta, Jan 09 2001]


       What might it be that couldn't just be jammed fairly easily? How would it run?
centauri, Jan 09 2001

       Sorry for the misconception - I am not advocating a toy or other Xmas present, but a serious intent to track children when it has been established that an abduction has, or may, have taken place.   

       The device would have to be in the control of the Police to prevent jamming or misuse by the sickos themselves. It would have to be surgically implanted to prevent random detection and be able to be detected at great range (i.e. anywhere in the country, at any time)   

       If it meant that the Police:   

       a) Were able to find and stop the murder of a child in time   


       b) Were able to apprehend to sicko before they disappeared and so bring them to justice   

       then wouldn't that ultimately justify the cost and investment made. We value life too little.   

       Children are precious and they need protection from themselves as much as others in a society which, generally, feels it is better to get them out of the house so they don't make a noise/mess to play with their friends rather than take any real responsibility for their safety.
Skybird, Jan 10 2001

       How would you track the children? Their social security number or just a serial number given to the device? (I’m talking about the idea [Skybird] made)
tustin, Sep 13 2003

       Something powerful enough to transmit over great distances from within buildings and the like would be a relatively large object. The implantation process would be fairly painful surgery with all the risks that entails. Also such an implant would prevent the child from having an MRI scan if required following any accident they may have whilst growing up. Childhood accidents are more common and cause more deaths than stranger abductions do.
oneoffdave, Jan 15 2004

       So now any would-be abductors can follow a handy tracking signal to your kid, and then, knowing that they were led to a kid with a tracking device, disable or shield it. Congratulations.
bdh, Sep 25 2005

       Yeah. If it can be implanted, it can be detected. If it can be detected, it can be removed. (grim)
mailtosalonga, Sep 25 2005


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