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Baby T.V.

So everyone gets to see the newborn
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A private enterprise which goes around setting up webcams in the nurseries of hospitals that have them. Parents can purchase - or authorize others to purchase - the right to view their baby over the Internet. Most hospitals are Internet-enabled (pardon the buzzword), so that part should be taken care of. We need a few webcams and a server to support the feeds. The hospital can get a kick-back for the bandwidth usage, or a dedicated line could be leased. Additionally, the parents would be able to watch the child on in-hospital television (for free) when the baby isn't in the recovery room with the mother.

(Business:Conferencing because I figure the service would be free to hospitals and charge a fee to view)

phoenix, Sep 22 2001


       already done.   

turner, Sep 23 2001

       Yeah. Typing www.pregnantgirls.com into my browser brings up loads of video feeds.
pottedstu, Sep 23 2001

       I can't help but think of the perverts who'd abuse that idea....
Galileo, Sep 23 2001


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