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Waffle meter

A bar graph display in the meeting room
  [vote for,

Everyone in the meeting holds a latching pushbutton, hidden under the table or in the pocket, with a wireless link to a bar graph on the table.
A full bar graph triggers a raspberry sound.
Normalisation of the bar graph is calculated by the number of active pushbuttons.
The degree of waffle is publically displayed. The really boring speakers might have a full bar graph before they start.

Similar to audience feedback chairs, but I prefer this solution, because it would be fun to anonymously vote, and have the results public.

Ling, Aug 06 2005

Audience feedback chairs _22Audience_22_20feedback_20chairs
[Ling, Aug 06 2005]

Waffling http://www.urbandic...rm=waffling&skip=10
Some sexual definition, as well. [Ling, Aug 06 2005]

(???) Wankometer Plugin bullshit_20detector
[DrCurry, Aug 10 2005]

(??) Jerk-o-meter http://www.vnunet.c...lop-boredom-spotter
Auomatically measures listener's responsiveness, and is designed for telephone usage, but I'm sure you could adapt it.
[link courtesy theircompetitor.] [DrCurry, Aug 12 2005]


       This has the potential to cut down massively on the amount of complete crap that many people have to sit through during their working day. [+]
wagster, Aug 07 2005

       Mmmm.... waffles.
not_only_but_also, Aug 08 2005

       Oh hell yes [+]
DocBrown, Aug 08 2005

       Baked - much like 'The Worm' in Aussie political debates.
simonj, Aug 10 2005

       Didn't Jutta do this a million years ago? (Internet time.)   

       - Ah, no, it was a browser plugin, not a voice analyzer.
DrCurry, Aug 10 2005

       It needs to be a foot activated or lone participants would be rare.
phoenix, Aug 10 2005

       I suggest that the waffle-meter be connected to a Waldorf & Statler Heckling Device.
Jinbish, Aug 10 2005

       [+] I love this idea......could we get home models for dinners at the in-laws, and family reunions??
babyhawk, Aug 10 2005


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