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This is a flatscreen internet monitor/baby bedroom environment tester
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This flatscreen clamps onto the inside end of the crib. The computer has a thirty day memory stick that records environmental conditions in the room such as oxygen, humidity, temperature, voice levels, light levels, smoke detection, bacteria detection, weight and vibrations. A CHILDPROOF-NOT switch would bring a medical person on screen in an emergency to give advice or view the situation.

The memory stick goes to the baby's doctor every month and is recorded on the baby's file or each baby has a blog site from birth where this information is auto-recorded as a diary.

mensmaximus, Jan 07 2005

Baby robot http://www.robotoys...odid=680&p_catid=37
I thought this was what you were talking about. [jaksplat, Jan 10 2005]


       I think its a rather good idea. Maybe you could crosslink the memory stick to a lingual database, thus allowing us to maybe eventually translate the various screems. When baby makes WHEH, WHEEEEH, the monitor would say: PLEASE CHANGE DIPER.
Susan, Jan 08 2005

       Sounds like they outsourced the translation, too.
jutta, Jan 08 2005


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