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Babysitting technologies

Have smart houses track TV as well as wifi usage during babysitting to encourage more interaction and less media during babysitting; robocalls could also suggest activities to babysitters (reading, etc) at 1/2 hour intervals
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I read that people to strive to find competent babysitters. I think technology could improve the efficacy of babysitting.

To keep babysitters from just parking the child in front of a TV or media console the smart home sensors and software could detect this then log it, or, if extreme, text the parents. This might be a new smart house application that actually does something beneficial.

Also, automated telephone calls could telephone the babysitter every 1/2 hour or hour to suggest an activity, then if the babysitter does that activity the smart home sensors log it.

This would make it so a well meaning yet somewhat lazy babysitter would be able to read to the kids, do a science museum science kit, and thus avoid 4 hours of TV.

beanangel, Jan 18 2017




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