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Cool Party trick

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This party will have a dress code white. That place will have multiple LCD projectors, connected to PC. LCD projectors are rotatable so that they will always point to some one's shirt using a head tracking software. Interesting things and funny texts will be displayed on peoples shirts, front and back. DIsplayed stuff will change frequently to keep every one interested. Alternatively, people may be allowed to choose what gets displayed on their shirt. e.g. A vegetarianism promoter gets to display gruesome baby calf murdering videos on their shirts .. ;)
VJW, Feb 23 2012

Something like this; http://www.youtube....Byg&feature=related
Video it self may be fake. But it is similar conecpt. [VJW, Feb 23 2012]

Raspberry Beret http://www.youtube....watch?v=wlhlyT4i7-g
Commentary balloons both interesting and annoying - probably like the people who would attend the party proposed here. [bungston, Feb 23 2012]

Similar scheme Electrical_20field_20glow_20jewelry
[bungston, Feb 23 2012]


       I am wondering if it will be possible project beard and mustaches on peoples faces ?
VJW, Feb 23 2012

       Since this would be a party mostly of tech nerds, why not: 1: Fit everyone with a headcam like soldiers wear. 2: Fit everyone with goggles that display the image from their own headcam, so they do not run into things. 3: Room can be brightly lit since everyone has goggles on. 4: Clothes are bluescreen blue, and when rendered by camera will contain images: the old weatherman effect, or as in the Prince Raspberry Beret video. Except real time.   

       That is 1970s technology. I wonder if it would be possible to do more recognition and instead of a snowstorm appearing across everyone in the room, render their bodies as furry, naked, armored or something of the sort.
bungston, Feb 23 2012

       Since bungston's expecting a lot of nerds at this party we'll have to make sure nobody projects "Kick me" onto the back of nerdly shirts.   

       Of course, if this is really going to be a nerdfest then they'd probably do away with the projectors and wear OLED shirts, displaying their own choice of images.
Canuck, Feb 23 2012

       "I am with an idiot" could easily most popular slogan to be displayed.
VJW, Feb 23 2012

       Having everyone wear white and projecting images onto the crowd is Kesey Acid-Test baked, circa 1960s. This is an interesting blend of throwback and modernization, but it needs more originality to stand out as truly original.
Alterother, Feb 23 2012


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