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Back Shed Salon

green thumb hairdressing
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The contents of your back shed are perfect for a hair salon with a difference. Not only will you earn a little spare cash, but you will attract a plethora customers who dislike snobby hair treatment establishments.

Firstly, advertise with large signs displayed here and there outside on the footpath and go into your shed to prepare.

Some sort of seating device (a wheelbarrow chair would do well and is perfect for customer disposal ) and proper lighting is very important. Go through your garden tools, paints and woodworking machinery and lay them neatly in a pile and wait for your first customer.

After several minutes of idle chit chat and musings on the weather or political nonsense, begin with a light coating of insecticide. Assure them this is helpful in repelling bees and spiders or whatever is labelled on the side of the can.

And then we begin trimming. Depending on the length of customer's hedge - different tools are best for different jobs. For shorter weeds, secautaurs or pruning shears used in combination with a small rake to part and style is best. To keep the hair moist, mix one part liquid fertiliser with two parts shampoo in a large plastic or metal watering can and apply where needed.

Longer undergrowth may need electric tools, but this is dependent on what you have in your shed.

Some customers will often request colouring or tinting, and if so you can charge extra for this service. Cans of automotive touch-up spray paint should be clearly displayed somewhere in your salon, so there can be no squabbling over what is and isn't available. If you're not confident with aerosol paint, apply colour with a brush or roller and let dry for at least 10 minutes before recoating.

benfrost, Oct 06 2004


       Dirt cheap.
FarmerJohn, Oct 06 2004


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