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Full Service Salon

From dull to shiny in 30 minutes.
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In our fast moving world it seems quaint that people have to visit many slow-moving beauty specialists separately. I propose a one-stop beauty assembly line.

Chairs constantly move around this facility, with an attached platform for beauty specialists to hop on and off. The hair stylists hop on first, and begin their job as the manicurists, pedicurists, and dental hygienists arrive. After they finish, the dermatologists and body waxers begin. You may finish off with the massage, tanning, and/or optometrist loops.

All options are selected at the beginning, and communication is welcome only for discussing preferences.

Worldgineer, Dec 07 2004

toothsalon Inspiration [Worldgineer, Dec 07 2004]

Though of course if you're REALLY in a rush TaxiCut
[theircompetitor, Dec 07 2004]


       Although I'm not likely to use it myself, I could see the two-hour version as an excellent gift for an uncreative stump like myself to proffer to the (apocryphal) lady of his affections. (+)
absterge, Dec 07 2004

       I'd use it. I'd skip the nails the waxing the massage and the tanning, but getting my hair cut, teeth polished, and a new eye prescription at once would certainly save time. I think much (all?) of the optometrist part can be automatic - do you really need a person to say "better or worse" over and over again while flipping levers, or can a machine do this just as effectively?
Worldgineer, Dec 07 2004


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