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Backpack-like Coca-cola bottle with a straw

A coca-cola bottle to free your hands
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Yesterday, during some walking around the city I bought a bottle of Coca-cola. And only then I realised how disturbing it is. It became problematic to work with my mobile phone [wich has querty keyboard] in my hands...

So I thought, couldn't these damn bottles be possible to hang on the back like a bagpack?

The two straps could be made of the similar plastic material, just more flexible (polyethylene?).

The straps could be attached at the bottle like stickers.

A long straw with a valve on the end of it should also be attached. It should also be quite flexible, and should reach near the bottom of the bottle.

[illustration is necessary: a man walking and working with mobile phone, and drinking Coca-cola]

Inyuki, May 24 2005

Camelbak(TM) reservoir http://contebikes.c...9&sort=3rdcharacter
So, like one of these things, but filled with coke? [jutta, May 24 2005]


       I like the idea, but I fear this would simple encourage Coke to produce backpack-sized bottles. Therefore, I shall remain neutral.
DocBrown, May 24 2005

       Or you could be like the average drunkard and carry your cola in a hat attachment.
hidden truths, May 24 2005

       Walking around whilst using a mobile is not to be encouraged if you ask me. -
DrBob, May 24 2005

       Yea, I understand. It may encourage Coca-cola to make such bottles. And I've heard there already had been problems of too large Coca-cola bottles in US, and these bottles somehow were prohibited or so...?
Inyuki, May 24 2005

       Yea, [Jutta], that'z parhaps :).
Inyuki, May 24 2005

       Bigger hands might help, too.   

       On a similar note, I have seen many a hipflask inflate to become a boozefilled boule cos the owner forgets to keep things neat, adding lemonade or tonic.
calum, May 24 2005

contracts, May 24 2005

       yeah, I was gonna comment on "querty" as well, coz the "u" on my keyboard is after the "y".
kaz, May 24 2005

       Fill your camelback with fizzy soda. Jump up and down for a pressure fed caffeine buzz. Mmmm...caffeine...
Freefall, May 24 2005

       //Walking around whilst using a mobile is not to be encouraged if you ask me// better change their name then.   

       I think an illustration would be a waste of time.
po, May 24 2005


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