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Backspace #2

Does this already exist? I searched around...
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I like the standard QWERTY layout on a keyboard, but until recently was never really interested in getting the most out of it. A few weeks ago, I decided to start getting used to the numeric keypad on the right side. The problem I have, however, is the lack of a backspace key within reach of any finger when using the keypad. Oh sure, there's a delete key. But that's not the function I want. So I'd like a keyboard with an extra backspace key on the numeric keypad. Maybe above the Numlock key?
21 Quest, Nov 01 2009

External numeric keypad with Backspace key http://www.shop.bt....-kp-1200p-3WZL.html
[jtp, Nov 02 2009]

Optimus Maximus keyboard http://www.artlebed...everything/optimus/
All keys dynamically reconfigurable [8th of 7, Nov 02 2009]


       ...and a comma, and a currency symbol.
phoenix, Nov 02 2009

       External ones are already baked (see link)
jtp, Nov 02 2009

       glue a popsicle stick to the backspace key - offset, and raise it slightly so that it ends up just above the numlock key...

       I think this is a good idea (the second backspace, not the popsicle stick). Also would be nice if the left shift key on my laptop were not so small... really stupid design.

       Furthermore, it would be nice (and probably possible) to be able to re-map the keyboard... then you could just remap the num-lock key to backspace... I never touch the numlock key, as it is always on. If you DID use it, then you could re-map it to the '~ key'.
knowtion, Nov 02 2009

       Something I've wondered about for a while now... is there a reason that a lot of folks have for disabling the numeric keypad? I mean, really, why should you even have to press the Numlock key? You can't disable any other section of the keyboard. Do the numerics act as modifiers of some sort when the Numlock is disabled? Mind you, I'm referring to a Windows keyboard, not a Mac, as I don't know anything about the Mac layout.

       And jtp, I know about the externals. That's why I can't fathom the reason for their exclusion on full-size keyboards, which is what my idea is for.
21 Quest, Nov 02 2009

8th of 7, Nov 02 2009

       I think numlock is a holdover from the time when most keyboards did not have a seperate "arrow key" section, since the number pad doubles the arrows and the 6 key seection above it.

       It does still serve a purpose on laptops and such, where there is no number pad and numlock will transform a section of the keyboard into one.
MechE, Nov 02 2009

       A space key would also be handy for typing in payment reference numbers when ebanking. (I know you don't need the spaces but it makes checking the numbers easier.)

       [8th] the problem with that keyboard (apart from the EUR 1300 price tag - who buys these things?) is that it still has the standard number of keys. For this idea and the other additions suggested we need a whole new bank of keys by the number pad.
Gordon Comstock, Nov 03 2009

       Keyboards appear to be designed by a secretive Guild of Keyboard Craftspeople working to ancient texts and rejecting as heresy any deviation from these keyboard designs which have been passed down through generations of keyboard designers. Nothing else could explain why the keyboard I'm typing this on has a "Scroll Lock" key.
hippo, Nov 03 2009


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