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Breakable keyboard

Break your keyboard in public at work, snap it together and... voila!
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Ever had a moment of such supreme frustration working a computer, that you just _had_ to punish it?
Now imagine this scenario:
It is my opinion that MS Word was never designed to be used by computer programmers. As opposed to programming editors, Word was meant to work for natural languages and for people with less linear and deterministic patterns of typing. It has always been my perception that when I do something in a programming environment I would get precisely what I intended, yet when I try something in Word I might get anything of a few possibilities, with varying amounts of probability on each, for each trial. That is why working Word is so frustrating for me.
If only I could avenge each time it confounded me, I am sure to enhance my lifespan expectancy by 2-3 years at least, due to tension relief!
I suggest a keyboard with a jagged parting across it from top to bottom, that can be attached and detached forcefully without causing damage to the mechanism. This way you could fling it at the wall, or your working mates, or your boss, perhaps even attempt a murder by keyboard (I do not encourage such practices:). On impact it would be satisfyingly torn asunder, to the astonishment of all observers and to your complete and total gratification!
Another plus here is the use of such keyboards to battle computer anxiety. Many people, even computer literates, have a deeply rooted fear of what they would consider meddling with the fragile computer. On few accounts that is justified, but it often sproutes as a subconcious excuse of learning what you have to avoid. Demonstrate the in-fragility of the computer, and you go ways towards dispelling computer anxiety, both as a bar for computer illiterates, and as a counter productive factor in anxoius computer-literates.
Now this of course is already possible, but would require buying a new keyboard each time :)
nadavwr, Jul 18 2002

Destroying computer components for stress relief http://www.nw.com.au/~jerry/bungee.htm
[gastronaut, Jul 18 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Foam Stress Hammer http://shop.store.y...s/foamstresham.html
Here. Take a whack your keyboard. [Cedar Park, Oct 17 2004]


       [gastronaut]: Isn't bungee mouse actually a computer bat?
nadavwr, Jul 18 2002

       Two things.
Firstly maybe this would work better as a stress relief squidgy keyboard, that way you could give the innards a bit more protection and you wouldn't run the risk of snapping the patented two piece keyboard, I can see individuals quite happily laying into their desks a la Basil Fawlty with a rubber keyboard, probably been done, and if so where can I buy one!
oh yes ... I hate myself .. but its anxious.
The_Englishman_Abroad, Jul 18 2002

       To comtemplate the initial design of Microft Word you really need to understand Xerox's Document Editor, as Word was based on the Document Editor. The Document Editor was based on a study of typography. To give an idea of how this worked one of the orginal Xerox workstation screen had dimensions that corresponded to portrait US Letter size.
Aristotle, Jul 19 2002

       Aristotle: I think Wang were first with black-on-paper white portrait-aspect monitors, back in the late 80's. Then they got bought by IBM ....
8th of 7, Jul 19 2002

       Partly baked. I've seen flexible rubber QWERTY keyboards (in stylish translucent blue) at Comp-USA for (I think) $20.00 US. Englishman has it down with the soft squidgy keyboard.
Bert6322, Jul 24 2002

       I once got a 5-pack of dirt cheap keyboards from Fry's. They were great. Well actually, they were horrible keyboards, but they were great for smashing/giving away.
johnmeacham, Apr 21 2003

       Why not make it edible, instead? Take a big bite...
Spaceman42, Apr 27 2003

       //Why not make it edible, instead? Take a big bite...//   

       As per my anno on the Keyboard Mint Launcher   

FloridaManatee, Apr 28 2003


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