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Better swype keyboard

stops each word appearing as a mess of squiggly lines
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The Swype keyboard that I am currently using is based on qwerty, but out means that every time I need 'qu' I have to whizz across the screen. It seems that for swype, the keys need to be designed for mostly right to left operation (if you are right handed), and arranged in some more commonly used sequences.

I have only just started using this method, and it is rather fast, but ones finger obscures the target in some cases, and travel length can also be quite long, not to mention for longer words like accelerator or refreshment it can make quite a mess.

Ling, Apr 04 2012


       Supposedly, the QWERTY arrangement was specifically designed to separate common pairs of letters - so it's no wonder it's unsuitable. Perhaps ETAOIN SHRDLU would be good, at least for English.
spidermother, Apr 04 2012

       You know how some keyboards (e.g. SwiftKey, which now has a sliding input mode as well) learn what words you like to put next to each other, so they can suggest better next words? I have thought for a few years that they should use that data (once you've used the keyboard for long enough for that data to accumulate, or after you've imported your email/SMS history to be learned from) to generate a custom keyboard layout that's optimized for sliding input of the words you type most often.   

       Back when I used SwiftKey (i.e. before my tablet died, and I had to switch to a seven-year-old Android phone that I pulled out of a drawer, which runs Android 2.3 and therefore can't run SwiftKey), I switched from QWERTY to Colemak purely because sliding over the letters of "Protospace" on QWERTY was annoying. (I simultaneously switched to a skin with blank keys, just for extra difficulty, but that's neither here nor there.) It turned out that Colemak was actually worse for English sliding input overall, but I kept it because it was fun. Unfortunately, the Swype I have on my new old phone (that's not actually usable as a phone, because I don't have service for it) doesn't support Colemak, so I've gone back to QWERTY. But I hardly input any text on there, because Relay for Reddit can't run on that ancient Android version either…
notexactly, Dec 18 2018


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