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For breakfast breath-- all day long!
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Proposed: Chewing gum that tastes like bacon.

Reason: It's yummy.

"Say, is that meat on your breath? It smells delicious!"

Goes great with scrambled egg-flavored and toast-flavored chewing gums. Now, breakfast *really* blows!

nihilo, Jun 28 2006


       Yes, I Googled it. Yes, there is something called "bacon gum", but it refers to the chewy white part of the bacon strip, not bubble gum. And yes, there is gum and candy that *resemble* bacon, but without the distinctively delicious porky bouquet-- they are strawberry flavored. What a crock!
nihilo, Jun 28 2006

       You think bacon tastes horrible? Good Lord, man! I oftentimes find myself contemplating how much of it I could consume at a single sitting before my heart stops beating. Bacobubble would be the Nicorette of the pork realm. This product could save my life!
nihilo, Jun 30 2006

       Mmmmmm +
pigtails_and_ponies, Jun 30 2006

       Brilliant. [+]
monojohnny, Jun 30 2006

       Flavored anything is a fluff idea, and as such I don't really care about it. That bieng said, bacon is one of those flavors that has a mysterious appeal for being used in alternative food sources. This idea should not be anything new, but the quitessence for 'flavored _____' ideas. Indeed, Harry Potter has done it so baked.
daseva, Jul 01 2006

       Quite a lengthy response for something you don't really care about.
nihilo, Jul 01 2006

       it makes him the most qualified to ramble [nihilo]. i'm not a fan of chewing gum, but i think that the flavor is better being sweet. otherwise the consistency would remind me of chewing on pork gristle.
tcarson, Jul 01 2006

       Yet mammals of all stripes have enjoyed chewing on gristle for eons. Beef jerky, anyone?
nihilo, Jul 01 2006


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