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Bad Breath detector

blow into the device which will indicate the stinkiness of breathe
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Tired of licking the back of your hand and sniffing it in private? Why not produce a detector which could sample and give feedback on the activity of those nasty mouth bateria . Green for go, red for go and brush those teeth smelly
magichan, Sep 03 2004


       I just compare mine with the pet rabbit.
skinflaps, Sep 03 2004

       Halimeter; fairly widely known to exist.
half, Sep 03 2004

       The device could be lined with paint - if the paint peels off, then things are getting pretty bad.
Ling, Sep 03 2004

       I think this may be my first act of pedantry here (I'm not normally that way inclined) but shouldn't it be Bad Breath Detector in the title?
zen_tom, Sep 03 2004


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