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Cologne Detector

How to know you're wearing too much.
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There seems to be a real problem with people wearing too much cologne or perfume and stinking up train cars and offices with their prefered scent. I think if they knew how strongly they smelled they might use less.

Considering most homes have smoke detectors, it would be trivial to expand smoke detector tech to also function as a "cologne detector" which picks up on some common frangrances. It'll go off with a quieter, but firm buzz. Also good for when youre burning too much incense.

Related: Pot smoke detector. For paranoid parents or stoners who want to test out their little ventilation solutions (opening windows, blowing through a bottle with fabric softner inside, etc)

lowbot, Apr 10 2005


       I've heard about handheld electronic device that detects foul breath. If it also detected body odour and cologne, olfactory offences could be all but eliminated.
whippinggas, Apr 10 2005

       I thought this was going to be a Germanic GPS system.....
Basepair, Apr 10 2005

       There's the E-Nose used in forensics and industry.
bristolz, Apr 10 2005


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