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Bad table manners and clothing stain preventers

Keeps kids' elbows off the table and sleeves out of food
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Two wooden curtain rings plus an adjustable strap. You fit the rings over the hands of the wearer of a loose-fitting hoodie or sweatshirt. You pass the strap around the back of the dining chair and tighten enough to: 1. prevent the wearer from putting both elbows on the table and 2. allow him to reach for the ketchup, but with the ring pulling his sleeve back to prevent it dropping into his plate.
harperolocito, Aug 24 2007

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       This is impracticle and an overly complicated solution to a problem that doesnt really exist.   

miasere, Aug 24 2007

       I think the clothing stain problem would get worse
po, Aug 24 2007

       I can foresee many a gag at the table including at the kid's expense.<"quick tighten the strap"> kippers anyone?
skinflaps, Aug 24 2007

       If the kid can still reach the ketchup (with sleeve retracted), then as I see it, all this does manners-wise is prevent sleeved elbows from resting on the table. Naked elbows will rest.
globaltourniquet, Aug 24 2007

       If you just jab your fork into the childs lower back whenever they forget to keep there elbows off the table, it only takes a few times...   

Seemed to work fine for my stepdad.


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