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Bag 'o' Bones

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I hit my toes against a table today, and it was painful. The sound was memorable; a loud dull thud. How can I replicate this sound? I decided that my innermost makeup mostly resembles a thick rubber bag filled with marbles and some fluid and that's my idea.

Bag 'o' Bones is a toy. It's a puzzle. It's a learning tool.

One custom shaped rubber bag
206 marbles of varying shape and composition
One manual in 512 languages

The idea is to drop and lead the marbles into this oddly shaped bag one by one, slowly reconstructing a human skeleton piece by piece, and starting at the tippy toes. Many of the marbles have magnetized iron rods through their diameter to allow for realistic (sort of) joint movement.

After many arduous hours of hard work, the final piece (SKULL) is put in place. A hole at the top allows for water to be poured into the bag to complete the construction. The result is a ghastly realistic replica of the human form in size, weight, mobility and hardness. The rubber bag will be designed to resemble skin texture. Well, to be fair, this replica mostly replicates a limp (dead or sleeping) body.

No more wondering what it would sound like to hit your head on the bedpost.

daseva, Feb 09 2006

oop's http://kidshealth.o.../common/crypto.html
sorry I forget how you spell oops - lord, I'm getting sen-sible? [po, Feb 09 2006]

skinbag http://www.skinbag....kinbag-gb/index.php
could cover it with this stuff - which looks amazing - click on the image of the girl and follw the arrows at the bottom of the link [xenzag, Feb 10 2006]


       just the thought of dropping marbles into place and the potential of them getting stuck. I don't know. I'll remove it if you like.
po, Feb 10 2006

       It's really wild. I posted that idea in ernest and was eagerly awaiting a critical response. You were able to cut through this waywardness with delicate mercy.   

       Now on my lighter step, I think the link is superior.   

       [po], can I keep it?
daseva, Feb 10 2006

       for you gumboil, anything.   

       the idea is great!   

       "a handbag, a handbag!?"   

       <hee hee - that'll get him going>
po, Feb 10 2006

       Not too sure that marbles are the way to go, but a build- a-human kit is a great idea for a toy.
wagster, Feb 10 2006

       (+) Mrs Consul on occasions resembles 60 kg of marbles in a 45 kg skin suit. ...and if anyone tells her I said that I won't talk to you again..
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 10 2006


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