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Catnip Scented Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle with catnip scent.
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The catnip scented jigsaw gives a challenging slant to your puzzle. If you leave the puzzle unattended and incomplete, your cats will attack the puzzle with gusto creating a hint of chaos. You must be extra quick in finishing it or have a lot of patience. True puzzle officianatoes will love the extra challenge.
J9, Jan 01 2003


       neat or possibly not. +1
po, Jan 01 2003

       hilarious, I love it. +
krelnik, Jan 01 2003

       (sp: "aficionados")   

       The little entropymakers don't need any encouragement, but it's an amusing idea anyway.
egnor, Jan 01 2003

       what inducement would there be for a cat to complete the puzzle itself? picture of a mouse? saucer of milk?
po, Jan 02 2003

       when I do jigsaw puzzles i quite often frame them and put them on the wall (if I like the picture)

I can picture it now biscuit going bezerk because he cant jump up onto any thing to reach the puzzle and can still smell it, I think that it would drive me crazy after a while...

...croissant I think
slarti, Oct 20 2004


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