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Bagel Plates II

The opposite of conventional bagel plates
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Bagel plates <link> are like regular plates with a hole in the middle, just like bagels. The general concept is that since no bagel exists in the middle of a bagel, then why bother not removing the small bit of plate that would be underneath it?

As a thought experiment, I decided to reverse the logic and add extra plate to occupy the volume that the bagel routinely neglects. The result was a plate with a circular- section lump in the middle. More thinking led to the realization that this would provide excellent stability by physically interlocking with the bread product. The bagel would be very difficult to remove from the plate, particularly by side loading.

The product could be a boon to bagel consuming racing drivers or centrifuge enthusiasts. Sadly the benefits of the system are lost after one bite, and the plate is useless for other bread. Downward acceleration is limited at 1 G.

bs0u0155, Jan 02 2019

Bagel Plate inspriation Bagel_20Plates
[bs0u0155, Jan 02 2019]

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       If you had two such plates, with a suitable attachment on the centre portion, they could be brought together to enclose the bagel in a sort of comestible Tokamak.   

       Think how many lives could be saved !
8th of 7, Jan 02 2019

       //enclose the bagel in a sort of comestible Tokamak.//   

       I'll need $50 billion, delivery just after my retirement horizon.
bs0u0155, Jan 02 2019

       Would it be classed as "Fusion cuisine" ?
8th of 7, Jan 02 2019

       Wouldn’t this plate occupy all space not occupied by said bagel, filling up all spacetime?
RayfordSteele, Jan 03 2019


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