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China Down

But Not Out
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Haven't you ever wanted to make that statement, to display the unmistakable, undeniable state of pissedoffedness that requires you to take your plate, and smash it against the floor?

Or, have you watched any number of Greek weddings and thought, "damn, I'd love to do that."

Well, now you can with our China Down, But Not Out collection. Made of 3 or 4 pieces with a piezzo sensitive spring loaded locking mechamism, these plates fully support an overzealous steak knife user, but when sensing the hit from a satisfying smash against the floor, release the locks and separate into the designed number of pieces.

An embedded music chip analogous to those used in coffee cups and greeting cards adds to the effect by playing a satisfying ceramic crash sound effect.

theircompetitor, Oct 27 2005

Plate Smashing http://www.schools....ges/db_fete6761.jpg
There is an attraction at many church fêtes in Britain that essentially involves throwing things at racks of plates. So you might just want to take a trip to the old country to satisfy those cravings. [DrCurry, Oct 27 2005]


dentworth, Oct 27 2005


       And how much would this cost, compared to a regular plate? And it is dishwasher safe?
DrCurry, Oct 27 2005


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