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clip-on plate

Catch those drips and crumbs before they ruin your blouse or shirt!
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My daughter has just moved up to secondary school. The new school uniform features a white blouse for maximum stain potential, but also features a tie.

My daughter has a habit of eating her breakfast in a rushed manner 30 seconds before she has to run out the door, having got up only minutes before. Thus the chances of her school blouse staying white and unstained until after she gets out of the house is low.

The proposed invention is a lightweight plate that clips conveniently onto the school tie in order to catch jam-covered crumbs and hot chocolate drips whilst leaving both hands free so that she can eat breakfast whilst also brusing her hair and/or doing her homework without ruining yet another school blouse.

prufrax, Sep 16 2010

pelican bib http://www.amazon.c...lican/dp/B000IYTOKA
[po, Sep 16 2010]


       Eeeeee-yesss! Or a brown blouse.
nineteenthly, Sep 16 2010

       This is a behavioural problem, not a technological one...
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 16 2010

       Better Ingesting Behavior apparatus
Voice, Sep 16 2010


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