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Bagel Surprise

why hasn't any one thought of this yet? or have they...
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Bagels and cream cheese... they go together like bread and butter. And like jelly and donut. Why not make a bagel that has tasty cream cheese injected into it? No more struggling to cut the bagel perfectly length wise (what a dangerous practice) and no more struggling to get the cream cheese spread evenly over the bagel- not to mention the hole that causes so many problems. There are two options here... a bagel that has the same appearance but has cream cheese around the outside. Or a bagel that has no hole and cream cheese in the middle. My mouth is watering just thinking about this... mmmm...
fatmess, Oct 20 2001

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       Simple. The bagel engineers of east Europe created the perfect bread relative. Assuming you eat your bagels one half at a time, as opposed to a quarter at a time, There should be some sort of balance between the cream cheese and bagel flavors. I don't know. I understand you want to streamline it, but go tell Denny's to jus pump their food directly into customers' toilets. Seth "bagel-flavored gruel" Azrael
eat the damn crayon, Oct 20 2001

       Baked indeed. The Wheel of Death downstairs has them occasionally.
StarChaser, Oct 21 2001


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