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Baggage Carousel Rollercoaster

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Airports baggage carousels are dull. This carousel will take your luggage on a white-knuckle ride of excitement through the luggage hall, with high-speed drops, loops and spins. See your luggage race past you sideways at 80mph then collect it at the end, with a complimentary photo.
hippo, Feb 27 2007

Sort of inspired by... Luggage_20Conveyor_20Hot_20Zone
[hippo, Feb 27 2007]


       The carousels might be dull, but think of them more as a kind of decompression chamber. Your baggage needs some gentle 'winding down' after being thrown about by their metaphorical private parts by a group of gorillas.
Jinbish, Feb 27 2007

       It should be interesting watching my rucksack accelerating around the airport baggage collection area only to watch in amazement as it explodes due to the 24 tins of export lager within my bag reaching critical mass. [+] for the fun.(you owe me 24 tins of quality export lager)
skinflaps, Feb 27 2007

       You mean that doesn't already happen behind the scenes? I always thought they just slowed things down when it got to the baggage claim area.
esperance, Feb 27 2007


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